DB’s social responsibility

DB focuses on education, integration projects, environmental protection, and humanitarian aid

Deutsche Bahn has traditionally been involved in social issues as part of our CSR strategy. We focus on education and integration projects, environmental protection and humanitarian aid.

DB has been involved in social projects in Germany and around the world for years. As a multinational transport and logistics company, and one of Germany’s largest employers and providers of training, we feel a special responsibility for the development of society as a whole – and we take action accordingly. Based on a conviction that success is not only measured economically, DB dedicates its resources and abilities to fulfilling this responsibility. We are particularly committed to helping children and young people.

Our activities are not limited to Germany. DB is also involved in a number of international initiatives, ranging from internships with an environmental focus in Australia, through promoting the development of schoolchildren in Sweden, South Africa, and the USA, to planting programmes in Singapore.

In addition to running various projects, DB supports many cultural and social centres, initiatives, and activities through donations. In 2012, we donated €1.1 million to projects of this nature in Germany alone. DB also sponsors initiatives and organisations. The company primarily supports projects whose goals are in alignment with its own.

DB’s sustainable social commitment also includes securing the company’s long-term success through a system for early detection of compliance risks in the company, and through rail safety.  DB has taken measures to prevent accidents, warn about danger at approximately 5,600 rail crossings and stations throughout Germany, and provide materials and videos for educational use.

Since 2013, DB has conducted all of its charitable activities through the Group’s own foundation. Deutsche Bahn Stiftung GmbH coordinates the Group’s extensive charitable initiatives and projects. Christina Rau is the foundation’s patron. The DB Museum is now also part of the foundation.