From national rail operator to European transport and logistics network.

DB Cargo’s story in Denmark began in 2001 with the acquisition of DSB Gods by the German company Deutsche Bahn (DB).

After the acquisition, the “new” Danish freight transporter became part of DB’s European freight train enterprise under the name Railion.

At the same time, an extensive development and streamlining process was launched, which in 2007 turned the first profit in freight train operation in Denmark in a very long time. The business has remained profitable ever since.

In 2009, the Danish company was split in two and renamed: a production unit under the name DB Cargo Scandinavia A/S, and a sales unit under the name DB Cargo Danmark Services A/S.

As part of DB Cargo’s extensive European logistics network, these two companies work closely every day to ensure that Danish and international customers benefit from the best and most efficient transport solutions in and through Denmark.