Rail is the most eco-friendly mode of transport

The transport sector is a major contributor to carbon emissions, but rail transport is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport.

Society has an increasing need to protect the environment. The transport sector shares a big responsibility in this regard. Rail transport represents a significant part of the solution, providing eco-friendly cargo transport with very low emissions compared to other modes of transport – for example, 10 times lower CO₂ emissions than lorries.

At DB Cargo, we’re ready and willing to take our share of this social responsibility. We want to be the leading green logistics provider, and to prove that carbon emissions can truly be reduced while transport activities continue to grow.

Although freight transport by rail has relatively low emissions, we are always working to reduce our own carbon footprint.  

These efforts include improvements in capacity utilisation in our transport solutions, modernising our equipment and facilities, investing in low-emission locomotives, and training our locomotive operators in energy-saving operating techniques.

We are also working towards the goal of obtaining 100% of our propulsion electricity from renewable energy sources. This is one of our key future goals.

Your cargo can also be part of the solution to the critical environmental challenges we all face – contact us to find out how.