Values & culture

At DB Cargo Scandinavia, we strive to foster a culture that ensures our trains operate properly and the cargo reaches its intended destination.

At DB Cargo Scandinavia, we strive to foster a culture that ensures our trains operate properly and the cargo reaches its intended destination.

Five values form the foundation of DB Cargo Scandinavia:

- Respect
- Honesty
- Trust
- Integrity
- Loyalty

In the following, you can read more about what these five values mean to us.

We are constantly working to make DB Cargo Scandinavia an even better place to work – and our values guide and inspire us in these efforts.

Job satisfaction is a key component of our workplace culture, and is essential to our ability to deliver good, high-quality service to our colleagues and customers.

Safety is also crucial at DB Cargo Scandinavia. All appropriate workplace safety measures are taken to ensure the health and well-being of our employees. We have implemented the “Safe at Work” project to promote a strong culture of safety and to ensure that our employees can get the help and support they need.

The majority of our employees are station staff and loco drivers operators. Our employees plan, prepare, inspect, coordinate, and operate the freight trains. The cooperation between loco drives, station staff, and administrative planners is therefore all-important for ensuring that the trains run safely and on time. And that’s why good cooperation is another important part of the positive culture in our company, throughout our international organisation, and in our dealings with customers and business partners.

We actively promote the values necessary to cultivate and maintain this positive workplace culture.


Our employees must respect each other, which includes acknowledging the rights of others. There must be room for the person you are and the person you want to be – and you must have the freedom to perform to the best of your abilities. With an emphasis on professional relationships in the workplace, we seek to maintain a strong balance between respect for the individual and respect for the tasks to be performed.


Our employees must speak the truth – nothing more and nothing less. Honesty contributes to our ability to build a common understanding and pursue common goals. Therefore, we must always communicate accurately and truthfully. We are honest with each other because this is how we share our observations, our knowledge, and our understanding.


We know that trust is beneficial in interpersonal relations and in business, and we operate on the belief that we can trust each other. Integrity is essential for upholding trust, and we understand that it requires the effort of both parties.


We see integrity as the manifestation of moral behaviour. In practice, integrity consists of honesty and sincerity – and it is devoid of deception. We work according to formalised contracts signed at the time of hiring, which is in the mutual interests of the company and employees. We represent the company – which is why we say what we do and we do what we say. We understand that integrity not only fosters the respect of those around us, but it is also essential to gaining and maintaining their trust.


We are loyal to DB Cargo Scandinavia. We are loyal to each other – colleagues and managers. Loyalty is a devotion and faithfulness to the company and to the company’s employees.