Development and training

At DB Cargo Scandinavia, we are dedicated to creating teams of professional and highly competent managers and employees. Therefore, it is important to continue developing and training our staff.

One of the most important competencies of our staff is the desire and ability to continue developing and learning. Our part is ensuring that you get the development and training you need.

The various jobs at DB Cargo Scandinavia require very different sets of skills and training. We understand the importance of ongoing opportunities to develop and learn – both for performing well in the workplace, and for your own well-being. This is why we ensure that our employees meet the educational requirements for their given tasks.

Our goal is to retain and continue developing our unique competencies in rail transport, and therefore we seek to attract employees who are willing and able to actively contribute to the continued success and development of the business – for the benefit of our customers, owners, and fellow staff.

As part of a large international organisation, DB Cargo Scandinavia draws on our extensive internal and external network to offer employees the opportunity for development and training in other parts of the DB Group.