Claus – Shunting foreman

Location management

Employee since 1980

Shunter and shunting foreman, with specialist function as wagon meister.

“I’m always building my knowledge when I’m at work, and I like that. I’m very passionate about this industry. I’m a train nerd.”

Claus has had a long and strong career in the rail industry. He completed his training as a wagon inspector in 1983. He has had many different workplaces through the years. Since becoming shunting foreman in 1995, Claus has worked in locations including Fredericia, Esbjerg, Nyborg, Kolding, Padborg, and Sønderborg. Today, his position requires high mobility, as he must travel throughout Denmark and internationally to perform his duties.

Shunter with specialist role
Today, Claus serves as the link between Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. He delivers the information that these countries need. The work Claus performs is key to ensuring safety and quality, as well as smooth operations in rail freight, which includes compliance with regulations for trains crossing national borders.
“This involves technical information about the trains, including defects and deficiencies, and information about the cargo. I inspect all of these things and compile statistics that are sent to the respective countries. That way, the countries receive a report on their quality in Denmark. I compile a wagon list where one of the items is inspecting whether the wagons are in the correct order as stated in the papers. And I inspect technical aspects of the wagons, such as defects in the wheels, brakes, etc. All of the technical parts. I also inspect the cargo.”

Claus is also part of a working group that provides input on the content of certain regulations in DB Cargo.

From an experienced colleague
Claus is a man with experience and has closely followed developments in the rail industry. He has met many colleagues through the years who were once new in the field. Claus is always willing to share his experience.
“Good preparers always concentrate on their work. It’s important they never take the easy way out. If there’s something you aren’t completely sure about yet, such as a rule or a procedure, then you have to ask. We’re all here to help, anytime. It’s important that you don’t guess, but that you know.”

For Claus, freedom in his work is all-important, and he has just that at DB Cargo.
“I have the freedom to plan my work myself, and the freedom to make decisions. Drawing on my many years in the industry, I also make sure that a lot of information and knowledge is shared with colleagues throughout the organisation.”