Controller Jørgen

Dispatching, Planning & Service Design

Company employee since 2011

Controller for the Dispatching team

“You probably need to be a bit of a nerd and very focused on doing things correctly. If even just one number is wrong in a train number, the information won’t be processed correctly.”

The quote above is what Jørgen says when asked what it takes to be a good controller for Dispatching, which is the company’s operating centre.

The Dispatching team continuously monitors freight traffic (24/7), and their most critical task is ensuring that train traffic runs smoothly through the Scandinavian train corridor, working in cooperation with locomotive operators, the operating centre and Banedanmark.

As controller, Jørgen is responsible for the paperwork for all transit trains passing through Denmark. He receives data about the trains and their cargo, and processes this information before the trains are green-lighted to continue towards their final destinations.

When on duty, Jørgen works with two other colleagues in Dispatching. Each has their own areas of responsibility, but they must also cooperate closely to ensure smooth operations.

The team consists of a controller, a dispatcher and a supervisor. Jørgen says that they all have a good combination of freedom and responsibility:

“The dispatcher is in direct contact with the locomotives and locomotive operators. The supervisor has contact with other locations in Denmark and abroad. When the trains cross the border to Denmark, I receive a Hermes transfer from either Germany or Sweden. After processing this transfer, I provide it to our locomotive operators and forward it as needed.”

Responsibility and anticipating problems ahead of time

The team has great responsibility for ensuring compliance with safety and regulations. When Jørgen started on the job, it was very demanding to keep track of everything at once. Now this responsibility is what makes the job fun and challenging:

“As controller, my responsibilities include ensuring compliance with profile conditions and forwarding information to Banedanmark, so that they have all the information they need.”

For Jørgen, it makes a difference when everyone on the team thinks ahead and anticipates potential issues that may arise:

“We have to anticipate challenges before they materialise. If you wait until the last minute to deal with something, everything will end up in chaos. We have to use our experience and foresight.”

Unique combination of roles – and fantastic colleagues

When Jørgen is on duty on Sundays, he has the combined responsibilities of supervisor and controller.

“For me, the unique thing about being controller is that you’re in touch with contacts in Denmark and abroad on certain shifts. A great thing about the job is the freedom and responsibility. You have a large degree of freedom when it comes to planning your tasks on a shift. Another great thing about the job is the cooperation with your colleagues on the team. Because, the truth is, I have some really fantastic colleagues.”

Jørgen originally trained to become shipping agent. After working in Germany for Maersk, Jørgen joined DB Cargo Scandinavia in 2011. He spent the first three years working as supervisor, and now he primarily works as controller in Dispatching.