Marius – Locomotive driver

Driver management

Company employee since 2016 

“I can’t even describe in words how happy and thankful I am for being a locomotive driver and doing what I love at DB Cargo.”

Marius works as a locomotive driver, where his job is to drive freight trains on the stretches from Padborg to Fredericia or from Nyborg to Hamburg at all times of the day and night.

A great deal of the work a locomotive driver does is independent, while strong cooperation with the company’s Dispatching department and other operating centres in the rail network is essential to ensuring that traffic runs smoothly.

“When I’m sitting behind the controls of my machine, I’m in charge and I’m responsible. I can see a bunch of things in the landscape – the seasons change, lots of animals, nature disappearing and re-emerging between the cities. That’s why I love my work. I absolutely love getting up at three in the morning to drive a train.”

For Marius, working at all times of the day and night has its advantages. He’s off work when others are on the clock. And Marius appreciates the flexibility:
“For example, it’s easy to book an appointment at the doctor, etc. And who wouldn’t love spending the summer enjoying the beach and the wonderful weather all day long, and then going to work at 6:00 PM?”

Marius changed industries a few years back. After upper secondary school, he became a chemist/lab technician, but he quickly discovered that uniform workdays weren’t his cup of tea. So Marius took the leap and began studying to become a locomotive driver in Germany. Two years ago, he moved to Denmark and was hired by DB Cargo Scandinavia.

“I wanted to do something practical, but not working with my hands. An opportunity came along that was too good to pass up.”

Working for a company where the core product is transporting cargo in an eco-friendly way is important to Marius. In practice, Marius has a strong focus on minimising electricity consumption when operating the trains: 
“As far as possible, I try to save as much as possible – for example, by letting the train drift where possible, such as down hills. I feel like I’m making a difference and contributing to energy savings.”

Marius is satisfied with his workplace and enjoys the opportunity to take a break at a depot with free fruit and coffee – and it is even better if the break is at the same time as a football match in Denmark’s Superliga, which he can watch with colleagues on one of the big screen televisions.