Ole - Customer service representative

International Sales

Company employee since 1979

“The best thing about my job is my colleagues. We show respect for each other’s work. We all bring our different areas of expertise and there is close cooperation between the departments.”

The quote above comes from Ole, talking about his job as a customer service representative. Together with his colleagues in International Sales, Ole goes the extra mile to ensure that customers are satisfied. Ole is in constant contact with customers, keeping them updated on the progress of their shipments and making sure they know when their freight will arrive.

“Everyone is understanding of each other and our work. I’ve worked in a lot of different positions over the years, and that’s given me a good understanding of the complex tasks of my colleagues. There’s a special relationship there, because I’ve been in their shoes before.”

Ole started as a train preparer back in 1979 and he has developed along with the company, which today has an international focus.

Most recently, the sales team has been working hard to get more wagons filled up on the trains, and these efforts have borne fruit. “No two days are ever the same. Our sales reps are working hard to attract new customers and unlock new opportunities, and the development is really motivating.”

Ole says that passion and enthusiasm are what drive him to work. “I’m proud of my work because of all our success. Working with the other departments, we make sure that things run according to plan. And that’s why I go home from work with a good feeling of having made a difference.”