Unna – Student assistant

Corporate Affairs

Company employee since 2016

“Saying thank you is often more than enough. When a colleague expresses appreciation of my help, I feel like I’m contributing and making a difference.”

Unna Nielsen

Unna is a student assistant for the Corporate Affairs  team, which handles everything from strategic projects to internal and external communication within the company. The tasks range widely from eg. data analysis, project planning and project implementation. Since Unna, before her role in Corporate Affairs, worked in HR, she sometimes also helps with tasks in HR, such as. report extract, employee satisfaction survey and any other task.

“As a student assistant, I do a little bit of everything in HR. I support my colleagues with all kinds of HR tasks, big and small. A big part of our work is the fact that we, as a politically-regulated company, must also comply with legal regulations.  So one of the things I help with is ensuring that our employees have the required health approvals.”

It makes a difference for Unna when colleagues thank her for her efforts – whether it is thanks for a call she made for a colleague or her contributions to the completion of a major project. She also appreciates all of the close cooperation in the department.

Unna holds a bachelor’s degree in business economics and psychology from Copenhagen Business School. Given her interest and knowledge of psychology in the workplace, much of her work has involved employee satisfaction, working environment, and recruitment.

“I’ve gained greater insight into a large international company, and I have really learned a lot of things that are relevant to my bachelor’s and master’s studies. My motivation and ambition got a big boost from having the opportunity to work with these things in a real-world setting.”

Flexible student job

Unna is currently studying for her Master’s in Strategy, Organisation & Leadership at Copenhagen Business School. She finds it easy to maintain a good balance between work and school.

“My job is really flexible, and it’s been that way from the very start. Obviously, once you’ve built trust with your colleagues, you have greater freedom to plan your tasks yourself. So I’m always able to adjust my workload for exams, etc.”

A passionate workplace

Unna has reflected on the company’s values: respect, loyalty, trust, honesty, and integrity.

“My colleagues treat me with great trust and respect. Not just in my department, but throughout the organisation. If I were to add another word to the values, it would be passion. I feel that I’ve met a lot of passionate people in this workplace. They’re passionate about their work, and that has a positive effect on everyone around them.”