Safe transport of chemicals

Transport large or small volumes with DB Cargo’s safe transport of powder, gas, and liquid chemicals.

Rail is the safest way to transport your chemicals from the production site to your company.  You get access to our large selection of wagons for transporting all types of chemicals – powder, gas or liquid. And whether you’re ordering the transport of 25 or 1,000 tons at a time, we take care of every step of the process.

If you do not have access to a rail track, we can transport chemicals from the supplier to the nearest Danish combined terminal, and provide final delivery to you by road.

The network is optimised to ensure short transport times, and each transport is monitored by an advanced transport system that offers continuous information about the transport status of your chemicals.

DB Cargo is one of the largest suppliers of chemical transports in Denmark, with daily transports ranging from large volumes of hydrochloric acid for industrial use, to technical chemicals for the plant protection industry and finished tar products for companies that work with surface protection.

A wealth of advantages:
• Rail is the safest way to transport chemicals.
• High reliability at favourable prices.
• Greatest possible flexibility for ordering – up to two hours before pick-up.
• No minimum volumes.
• No volume reservations necessary.
• Eco-friendly, carbon-saving transport.