Just-in-time logistics with hundreds of tons of paper

Rail transport is the perfect solution for heavy paper rolls.

Our customer, the shipping company H. Daugaard A/S, has developed an effective door-to-door logistics system in collaboration with paper mills in Sweden and Germany. The paper rolls are transported by rail to Kolding and subsequently distributed by road transport as needed – simple, cheap, and efficient.

The large volume of products transported from these paper mills to Kolding is subsequently used in the production of everything from milk cartons and cardboard boxes to newsprint. Every day, hundreds of tons of paper are loaded off rail wagons in Kolding Harbour and then stored for just-in-time distribution to end customers.
Rail transport offers many advantages for transporting heavy goods such as paper. Many rail wagons can carry a load of more than 60 tons, which translates to very attractive transport prices. In addition to competitive prices, the environment also wins big – using rail transport to cover the long distances and road transport for local distribution is the perfect combination for minimising emissions.

If you are also interested in transporting goods by rail, we look forward to hearing from you.