New connection to Norway via Thyborøn

Norway is not connected directly to our European single-wagon network. Therefore the sales department has for a long time been working on realizing logistics solutions for Norway by ship via Denmark.

In december it succeeded when the first 94 tons of steel girders from Germany were transported on rail to Thyborøn and then by ship to Trondheim. In january another 72 tons was transported again. There have been no official rail transports to Thyborøn for almost 20 years, so the Rønland train had to be extended by five kilometers further to Thyborøn. 

“The operation was successful thanks to great flexibility from production and planning as well as at Midtjyske Jernbaner and Thyborøn Stevedore. Many thanks to them all.”, says Thomas Vestergaard, Head of International Sales at DB Cargo Scandinavia. The goods were loaded on the ship M/S With Frohavet and departed for Norway.

“We hope to be able to transform Thyborøn into the main hub for goods to Norway.”, concludes Thomas Vestergaard.