Locomotive driver Søren

 Locomotive driver Søren

Employee since 1990

“Being a locomotive driver is much more than just a job – it’s a lifestyle and a hobby that I love doing.”

Søren could have retired a long time ago but he doesn’t want to just yet, because he has good relationships, good colleagues, and he is very satisfied. Søren became a locomotive driver and driving instructor in 1989 after having worked as a supervisor and mechanic. Søren now drives freight trains for DB Cargo throughout Denmark and on stretches in Sweden at all times of the day and night – the same tasks he has performed at the company since the day he started.

 Passionate atmosphere and great honour in driving trains
“When I came to DB Cargo, I discovered a very passionate environment. We have to get the trains out and running – and we take great pride in their running on time.”  
Søren enjoys the great trust placed in the locomotive drivers, who are responsible for ensuring that the trains run on time. For Søren, it means a lot that he has the freedom to do his work without anybody telling him how to do it.

Freedom and independence
“One of the best things is the tremendous freedom you have in this work. You decide how to perform your work, and as long as the train departs on time, nobody will tell you how to do your job.” 
A great deal of the work a locomotive driver does is alone in the locomotive, but close cooperation with the company’s Dispatching department and other operating centres in the rail network is essential to ensuring that traffic runs safely and smoothly.
DB Cargo is part of a large international Group, but locally in Denmark, DB Cargo is a non-hierarchical organisation with a culture that offers room for differences.
“The best thing about working for DB Cargo is that we all get along so well. We know each other and we help each other. And it gives me a really good feeling when I help my colleagues get their trains up and running. Working together like that is priceless.”

The world’s best job
Søren loves the independence of being a locomotive driver and the many hours working on his own in the locomotive.
“I have a great view of the animals in the fields from my locomotive. The sun rising at dawn. There’s so much to see in the landscape, and it’s incredibly beautiful. It’s quite simply the world’s best job. In my world, there’s nothing better than doing this.”

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