Taulov Tank Terminal

Chemicals: Good chemistry on the railway

We are experts in transporting chemicals by rail – safely and efficiently.


DB Cargo is one of the largest suppliers of chemical transports in Denmark. Every day we transport chemical goods ranging from tar products for surface protection, to hydrochloric acid and chemicals for plant protection. 

Rail is the safest means of transporting chemicals from the production site to the recipient – and we can handle all types of chemicals in powder, gas or liquid form.

If you do not have direct access to a rail line, we can transport chemicals by rail to the nearest Danish combination terminal, where it is loaded onto a lorry and delivered to you by road.

 Benefits of transporting chemicals by rail:

  • It is the safest mode of transport for all types of chemicals.
  • Our European DB network can efficiently and quickly get your chemicals to any destination in Europe.
  • We can provide a door-to-door solution, so you can leave all the planning and execution to us.
  • Your chemicals are monitored by an advanced system and our network is optimised to ensure the shortest transport times.
  • Shipments are flexible, so there is no need to reserve your transport volumes in advance.
  • Your chemicals are transported in the most environmentally friendly way.

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Thomas Vestergaard

Head of International Sales Denmark Account Manager, Chemicals and disposalDB Cargo Scandinavia A/S