Disposal: Waste – we transport and recycle

DB Cargo transports waste for recycling – it’s environmentally friendly, efficient and innovative.


We transport many tonnes of waste to Denmark – from countries such as Italy and England – for use in combustion plants that produce heat. Meanwhile, a growing number of Danish businesses are using the right type of plastic for combustion instead of those based on fossil fuels.

This waste is very heavy when pressed into large bales by the shipper. Fortunately, we are experts in transporting heavy cargo. These bales are transported from the train wagon to the end recipient by special lorries with a built-in roller floor. At the delivery site, the bales are rolled out the back of the lorry.

For shippers who cannot produce such compact bales, their waste is transported in open-top containers on our wagons. These containers are then transported to the end recipient by lorries that can tip out the waste.

 Benefits of transporting waste by rail:

  • Waste is heavy, which makes it ideal for transport by rail.
  • The waste can be transported in compressed or loose form – our train wagons can handle both.
  • Recycling waste is green and environmentally friendly.
  • We can deliver waste with door-to-door service in the volumes you need.

Best practice: We recycle waste

DB Cargo Scandinavia has cultivated a new market that is now a growing part of our business: the transport of waste from Italy and Germany to the many waste combustion plants across Denmark. These plants produce district heating, an energy solution that is becoming greener and greener.

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Thomas Vestergaard

Head of International Sales Denmark Account Manager, Chemicals and disposalDB Cargo Scandinavia A/S