Metal scrap

Metal scrap – We give it a new life

Sending metal scrap with DB Cargo Scandinavia – efficient and flexible. We can transport many tons on a single wagon.


Metal scrap is in high demand among German steel producers who can recycle it and produce new for their customers. With our open wagons we can send metal scrap for recycling. It is good for the environment - and even better when it can be transported in the green way, namely on rail.

 Here are the benefits of transporting metal scrap on rails:

  • We are flexible and can drive both a single wagon or a whole wagon group for you.
  • You can have a rolling stock and control the quantity as you like.
  • Metal scrap is heavy and it is therefore ideal for transporting on the rail.
  • We have a solid network and can transport it throughout Europe.

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Martin Price

Account ManagerSteel, metal scrap DB Cargo Scandinavia A/S