Kolding papir truck


Our well-developed logistics solutions ensure efficient and on-time transport of your pulp and paper goods. Rail is a green mode of transport, and we often transport recycled paper.


When you need to transport large volumes of paper, DB Cargo Scandinavia can plan and provide door-to-door transport. We pick up your freight by truck, load it onto our trains and transport it to the destination – including the final stretch by road.

We transport recycled paper from supermarkets, which is compressed and transported to Germany by environmentally-friendly rail, where it is recycled and returned as a new paper product.

 Benefits of transporting paper by rail:

  • Paper is heavy cargo that our train wagons can transport in a green way.
  • It’s efficient, and we can transport all types of paper and pulp on time.
  • By removing lorries from the roads, transport by rail reduces CO2 emissions.
  • It’s a good match to transport recycled paper in a green way.

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Niels Ole Carstensen

Business development - RecyclingDB Cargo Scandinavia A/S