Steel on steel

We are really good at transporting heavy goods - that's why steel and railway are a good match.


With our six-axle wagons we can load up to 75 tons of steel per wagon. That is three times more than a truck can drive in Germany. It is therefore a huge advantage that we can load a lot per wagon on many wagons.
We can transport the steel directly to our customer with their own tracks or we can deliver it to various railports in Europe, from where the steel will then be transported to its final destination. 

 Here are the benefits of transporting steel on rail:

  • We can transport heavy goods and therewith large amounts of steel per wagon.
  • Our fleet is large – we have 42,000 steel wagons in Europe and solid experience in loading and transporting steel.
  • We can offer all flexible transport solutions to transport your steel – both per ship, train or truck. We take care of the whole transport from start to finish. 
  • We can transport wide plates without needing any special permits. The plates can also be long - up to 25 meters on some wagons. 
  • Long stretches are ideal for our trains. We can transport your steel to anywhere in Europe in our huge DB network.
  •  It is a green way to transport your heavy goods – together we save CO2. 

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Martin Price

Account ManagerSteel, metal scrap DB Cargo Scandinavia A/S