Tog med træstammer

A very special raw material: Wood

At DB Cargo, we offer customer-oriented solutions for sustainable transport of wood by rail.


Logs, chipboard, biomass – we can transport all types of wood with our different types of wagons. We have extensive experience in transporting wood throughout Europe. In addition to transporting wood in our trains, we can offer storage, unloading at the terminals, and first-and-last mile service by lorry.
In short, we provide full transport of wood from the first to the last metre.

We have a customer in Køge who receives wood from Germany via our single wagon network. Ten wagons a week arrive via their own tracks in Køge, where the wood is used to manufacture fine parquet floors.

We have a customer in Herning who receives chipboard from Germany – we store the boards at our terminal and then transport them to the customer’s premises as needed.

 There are many possibilities and benefits of transporting wood by rail:

  • We can transport by single wagon or an entire block train with wood cargo.
  • We can transport large volumes quickly and efficiently.
  • We can deliver daily or weekly – and in the volumes you need.
  • We can transport 61 tonnes in a single train wagon, while a lorry can transport up to 24 tonnes. We can remove almost three lorries from the roads with a single wagon. This is good for the environment and for traffic on the roads.
  • We have a large network throughout Europe and can provide door-to-door transport of your wood.
  • We can store your wood and deliver it when you need.

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Niels Ole Carstensen

Business development - RecyclingDB Cargo Scandinavia A/S