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Career opportunities

Become part of a company with many different job profiles and a lot of team spirit.


We need many different types of employees in a wide range of functions to achieve this goal – and we hope that you would like to join our team!

 Our values

At DB Cargo Scandinavia we work according to five important values. These values apply to everything we do, and they guide us as we transport your freight to its destination.

  • Respect. Mutual respect and recognition are all-important among and between our employees in every function – locomotive operators, station staff and administrative staff.
  • Honesty. We are honest with each other. We share our observations, knowledge and understanding, which empowers everyone to do their job in the best way possible.
  • Trust. We trust in each other – and there is good reason to trust in each other. 
  • Integrity. We represent the company. We are transparent about what we do – and we do what we say. We understand that integrity is the key to earning the respect and maintaining the trust of the world around us.
  • Loyalty. We are loyal to each other, colleagues and managers, and we are loyal to DB Cargo Scandinavia.

Meet three employees:

Want to know more about what it’s like to work at DB Cargo Scandinavia? Read about these three employees who perform important functions in our company:

“The rail industry has given me all the challenges and opportunities I had hoped for. I am a trained shipping agent and station staffer, and now I am the team manager at the combination terminal in Taulov. I have an absolutely fantastic team that keeps things running smoothly every day.”

Brian Hjortkjær, Team Manager, Taulov Combination Terminal

 Would you like to work at DB Cargo Scandinavia?

DB Cargo Scandinavia offers many exciting job opportunities. This applies both in HR and finance – but also to train drivers and shunters. We even educate.

Please find our vacancies here:

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