Advantages of rail

The advantages of rail transport

Shipping by rail gives you a safe, efficient and sustainable means of transporting your freight.


We operate more than 2,700 trains daily throughout Europe, transporting consumer goods, cars, steel and much more. We can transport all types of cargo to destinations in Europe and Asia.

And it is environmentally friendly. Rail transport emits eight times less CO2 than road transport – and the use of just one electric locomotive removes 35 lorries from the roads, which means 12.7 times lower emissions. This is good for the environment and it frees up space on the roads.

We maintain a green focus in every aspect of our work. For example: improving capacity utilisation in our transports, modernising our equipment and facilities, investing in low-emission locomotives, and training our locomotive operators in energy-saving operating techniques.

Safety is paramount in all our operations – both for our employees and for your freight.

 The advantages of rail transport:

  • A safe, efficient and reliable means of transporting your freight.
  • The most sustainable mode of transporting freight, which benefits the climate and removes lorries from the roads.
  • Safety is essential in our everyday work, for the sake of our employees and your freight.
  • Rail is particularly attractive for transports involving long distances and heavy freight.
  • We provide door-to-door solutions that allow you to leave all transport planning to our experts.
  • You can transport freight in a few containers on a train, or you can book an entire block train. We are flexible and open to meeting your specific needs.
  • We can provide a Carbon Footprint Certificate so that you can document the green transport solution for your customers.
  • Our terminals are fully equipped to handle and store your freight.

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