Management Team

DB Cargo Scandinavia’s management team is working every day to further improve freight transport by rail. Each member of the team brings their unique core competences to ensure the success of the company.

Birgit Wirth


Birgit Wirth

Birgit Wirth holds a Masters degree in business from the University of Tübingen.

She has been a part of DB since 1993 and has been working with passenger transport in DB, with busses and trains in Arriva and now with freight transportation in DB Cargo Scandinavia. Birgit has a strong background in digitalization and digital transformation.

“I believe that freight transportation is an important part of our green future.  It’s effective, it’s economical and it saves the world from large amounts of CO2. I’m proud to be a part of that.”

Oliver Gesche


Oliver Gesche

Oliver Gesche holds a degree in International Finance and Legal Studies from Frankfurt University.

He has held the post of Business Controller at DB Cargo AG, Head of Controlling at Stinnes AG and DB, and since 2010 Chief Financial Officer at DB Cargo Scandinavia.

In his free time, Oliver enjoys sailing and running.

”It’s exciting to work in the rail industry, where we can actually make a difference for the environment. We are proud that every day we reliably and safely deliver our customers’ freight by a green mode of transport. Freight transport by rail is the future – and we are part of it..”

Jan Wildau

Vice president, Management Board and Communication

Jan Wildau

Jan Wildau has degrees in economics and journalism, in addition to post-graduate studies at Harvard Business School, London Business School and INSEAD Business School in France. 

He joined DB Cargo Scandinavia in 2016, before which time he held posts as Head of Communications at Arriva and Commercial Director at DSB Sweden. Jan is also Head of Secretariat in the trade organisation Dansk Banegods (The Danish Rail Freight Association), where DB Cargo Scandinavia is an active member. He also represents Dansk Banegods and DB Cargo Scandinavia in the Danish Government’s Climate Partnership for Land Transport.

In his free time, Jan practices Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and submission wrestling.

“We want to see more freight transported by rail. Therefore, we are actively collaborating with other large companies in the industry through Dansk Banegods, and we are actively contributing to Denmark’s green development through the Climate Partnership. We find these efforts important – and it’s exciting to work towards these goals.”

Carit Benike

Head of IT

Carit Benike

Carit Benike has a degree in civil engineering.

He has held posts as Nordic Lead at CSC, manager at Deloitte, and project manager at IBM.

In his free time, he enjoys dancing – particularly Lindy Hop. He also hunts and plays the guitar.

“My job is about removing the complexity from our IT solutions. IT must be simple for our employees and customers – even though it is anything but simple. It’s an exciting challenge that we are all working to solve.” 

Thomas Vestergaard

Head of International Sales Denmark

Thomas Vestergaard

Thomas Vestergaard is trained in the shipping industry and he has an MSc in Business Economics specialising in supply chain management.

He joined DB Cargo Scandinavia in 2008 and spent his first five years in the post of strategic planner. Since then he has worked in sales.

In his free time, Thomas Vestergaard is the band leader in "Funkarella" and he loves exploring the outdoors and overnighting in outdoor shelters.

“I’m passionate about revolutionising the Danish transport industry so that environmentally-friendly rail transport becomes the preferred transport solution of businesses.”

Jan T. Andersen

Head of Location Management

Jan T. Andersen

Jan T. Andersen started his career in DSB, where he at first was a shunter and then continued in various leadership-positions in freight.
From 2001 the employers name was DB, and Jan T. Andersen has over the year mainly been head of shunting and combined terminal-production.

“The world is changing in these years. Consideration for the environment is rapidly gaining ground. With us you get an even greener transport. Come on, do you want to come with us?”

Jan Augustesen

Head of Safety

Jan Augustesen

Jan Augustesen received his formal training in the Danish military and as a station manager. 

He joined DB Cargo Scandinavia in 2018. Jan has worked as Head of Safety in the rail industry since 2009, previously at companies including CapTrain and Contec Rail ApS. In 2008 he worked as Safety Coordinator at the DB Schenker Rail Scandinavia – which is today known as DB Cargo Scandinavia.

In his free time, Jan Augustesen plays in a band.

“Safety is a prerequisite for everything we do at DB Cargo Scandinavia. I work to ensure that we are honest, trusting and thorough when we work with safety. We are working every day to continuously improve our safety culture.” 

Jens Damgaard Gøtzsche

Head of Asset Management & Maintenance

Jens Damgaard Gøtzsche

Jens Damgaard Gøtzsche has a degree in civil engineering and construction management, as well as two graduate degrees – one in financing and another in strategic management and business development

"It is a priority for us that we always have ready-to-use locomotives and wagons so that we can help our customers. At the same time, it is important to achieve the best value for the maintenance of the locomotives - for both our customers and colleagues."    

Portrait Tanja Christensen

Tanja Christensen

Head of HR

Tanja Christensen

Tanja Christensen is a educated lawyer and has also studied HR management.

She has previously been head of department at Dansk Supermarked, Special Consultant in Defence and HR Manager at FORCE Technology. She joined DB Cargo Scandinavia in 2020.

"In the rail industry, it is essential that we have skilled and dedicated employees, so that our production runs smoothly. Fortunately, this is what we have today and we are constantly working on how we as a company can be better for our employees."

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