We can tailor transports to meet your specific freight and needs.


Italian shoes, pasta, cement, beer, fireworks, and more – we can transport any type of freight with our trains and our intermodal network covering all of Europe.

We can provide a door-to-door solution where we pick up your freight by lorry, transport it in our trains, and deliver it to the final destination by lorry. 

If you have very large freight volumes, we can arrange block train transport.

 Our intermodal network:

  • We can transport trailers, swap bodies and containers.
  • We can transport all types of freight, including dangerous goods.
  • You do not need your own rail line. We can provide a door-to-door solution.
  • We connect all of Denmark with the rest of Europe, from Høje Taastrup and Aalborg to Aarhus and Taulov. We can transport your freight down to Hamburg and the rest of Europe, or north to Sweden, where our red trains are always busy.
  • We can store your freight at our terminals and transport it to your premises as needed.
  • We can unload and reload your freight at our terminals.

Get in touch with our expert.

Lillian Beuschau

Account Manager, Intermodal trailereDB Cargo Scandinavia A/S