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The best choice on Europe’s rails

DB Cargo Scandinavia offers rail transport throughout Europe with a green touch. Our transports emit up to 80% less CO2 than road transport. To us, that’s the future.


Getting your freight safely to its destination is all-important to us. We focus on the environment- and work closely with our extensive DB network to fulfil this mission. We have 12 rail ports, as well as large combination terminals in Taulov and Høje Taastrup. Drawing on the power of our large DB network, we can get your freight to destinations in Italy, China and beyond.

We can deliver a green transport solution that emits much less CO2 than road transport. We invest in green locomotives and operate our trains according to energy-saving practices. The environment is important to us and we prioritise it every single day.

”There’s a growing interest in freight transport by rail, and we are very happy about that. Freight transport by rail is economical, reliable and green – that’s what our talented employees deliver for our customers every single day.”

Birgit Wirth, CEO

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Mia Qvist Scheelsbeck

Communications Manager