Facts and figures

A strong rail network delivers strong numbers.

We are proud to be the leader in freight transport. Our strong numbers tell this story.

 About DB Cargo Scandinavia:

  • We have two combination terminals in Denmark with depot facilities.
  • We have 11 stations that handle 150,000 wagons.
  • We have 11 shunting locomotives.
  • We have 52 locomotives.
  • We are a team of 267 employees. 
  •  80% of our staff are station personnel and locomotive drivers.

 About DB Cargo in Europe:

  • We have 2,680 locomotives.
  • We are a team of around 30,000 employees.
  • We have more than 80,000 wagons that we either own or rent.
  • In 2019 we transported 232 million tonnes of freight.
  • We have 4,200 customer tracks in Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

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