Sustainability is part of our DNA

We are proud that the rail net is part of tomorrow’s green transport solutions. We are actively working every day to become even more environmentally friendly.


The future is green – and we share in the responsibility to make it so. Freight transport by rail emits significantly less carbon than any other option in the transport industry.

 Rail has three major environmental advantages:

  • We have very low rolling resistance. This means that we can move many tonnes using very little power. 
  • 85% of our traffic in DB Cargo Scandinavia is pulled by electric locomotives, and a large share of the electricity used is green electricity.
  • Our electric locomotives are equipped with braking systems that generate and transmit energy back to the electrical grid. 

We are actively striving to become more environmentally friendly

Our locomotive operators are trained to drive in the most energy-efficient way. We are continuously modernising our fleet to make it more green. And we are active participants in transport industry collaborations to promote new green initiatives. DB Cargo Scandinavia participated in the Danish Government’s Climate Partnership for Land Transport, which explored how our industry can reduce its climate impact between now and 2030. We are proud of these efforts – they are a high priority and we dedicate time to ensure their success.

Best practice: We are transporting more waste than ever before

DB Cargo Scandinavia has cultivated a new market that is now a growing part of our business: the transport of waste from Italy and Germany to the many waste combustion plants across Denmark. These plants produce district heating, an energy solution that is becoming greener and greener.

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