We train our own station staff

In our 14-month training programme, participants learn all about safety, the properties of train wagons, repairing damage, and much more. 

The training programme is conducted in close collaboration with EUC Lillebælt and DB Cargo’s own instructors. Participants spend a few weeks in the classroom, but otherwise the training course is very hands-on, including an internship at one of our terminals in Taulov, Fredericia or Høje Taastrup.

Participants receive pay during training and a certificate upon successful completion of the programme. To be eligible for the programme, you must have completed the basic studies level (grundforløbet) of a vocational education programme (erhvervsuddannelse).

Read hereabout Casper, who completed the programme in 2017 and was then hired by DB Cargo Scandinavia.

We only hire trained locomotive operators – we do not train locomotive operators ourselves.

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Lone Larsen

HR Consultant