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Freight trains offer major advantages in steel transport

Rail is the preferred mode of transport for the steel industry, as one look at DB Cargo railports and terminals throughout Denmark clearly shows.


Steel and rail transport were practically made for each other, so it is no coincidence that most steel goods arriving in Denmark from European steelworks do so by rail.

With a maximum load capacity of up to 77 tonnes, freight wagons offer great advantages over lorries. We have the ideal set-up for unloading heavy steel goods at our facilities in Kolding, Taulov, Fredericia, Herning, Aalborg, Glostrup, and Køge, where they can be stored in temporary storage or loaded directly onto lorries for final distribution throughout Denmark.

Steel in all shapes and sizes
DB Cargo is the leading European transporter of steel products, with 42,000 wagons available to serve the needs of the steel market. This means that you can transport more tonnage and longer items than by road.
No matter the type of steel you deal in, we can design an attractive solution for you that delivers the advantages of rail transport, combined with the flexibility of road transportation.

Many freight wagons roll into Danish stations every day, carrying steel for Danish businesses, including steel rolls for the production of metal packaging, steel profiles for roof construction, steel plates for wind turbine towers, and steel pipes for use in natural gas networks. You can also transport finished steel plates from Denmark to European destinations.

In Denmark, DB Cargo can distribute steel from terminals in Fredericia, Kolding, Taulov, Herning, Aalborg, Glostrup, and Køge.

 A wealth of advantages:

  • Significant competitive advantages, as rail wagons can carry more tonnage and longer items than by road.
  • 42,000 freight wagons, which can be loaded with all types of steel products.
  • Large, flexible European network with track access from all European steel producers.
  • Large Danish terminal and distribution network, with daily delivery throughout Denmark.
  • Competent partners specialising in steel transports.
  • Eco-friendly, carbon-saving transport.

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